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Faybelle Thorn
Daughter of the Dark Fairy

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: The Sleeping Beauty
Powerful Qualities: Spirited - Sassy - Assertive
Roommate: Bunny Blanc
Pet: Spindle, a pom-pomeranian
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: To be the Queen of Fairies and the Queen of Villains! Why? Because I rule!
My “Magic” Touch: When I cheer a spell, I can make any curse more powerful!
Storybook Romance Status: There are some wicked cute guys at school, but a relationship would just clip my wings.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: People always forget to invite me to parties. Good thing it's my destiny to arrive unannounced.
Favorite Subject: General Villainy. Even when I'm winging it, I'm crown of the class.
Least Favorite Subject: Home Evilnomics. The person in front of me gets the last ingredients every time. Every time!
Best Friends Forever After: Briar Beauty is my best frenemy forever after, and Duchess Swan is wicked cool.

Birthday: November 16
Star Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Food:
Tagline: Royally Wicked


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