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Duchess Swan
Daughter of the Swan Queen

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: Swan Lake
Powerful Qualities: Graceful - Ambitious - Resourceful
Roommate: Lizzie Hearts
Pet: Pirouette, a swan
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: My story deserves more attention! I’m royally sick of being treated like a second tier princess.
My “Magic” Touch: Not only can I change into a swan whenever I want, but I can also dance on water.
Storybook Romance Status: Once I get Daring Charming’s attention, I just know he’ll ask me out.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: Okay, I admit it looks bad, but when I get honking mad, my feathers start flying.
Favorite Subject: Dance Class-ic. Wings down, I’m the best dancer at school, especially in ballet.
Least Favorite Subject: Muse-ic. If you must know, I honk horribly when I sing.
Best Friends Forever After: Faybelle Thorn. Fairytales of a feather flock together.

Birthday: April 30
Star Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Almonds and avocado! They’re tasty and complement any dish!
Quote: I’m destined to have a tragic ending, where I’m cursed into the body of a swan. But it’s not going to be that way forever. I have bigger plans.
Tagline: Showing My True Feathers

DateMirror Blog post
September 02, 2014Heading to Enchanted Lake. It’s my fave spot to dance on water.
September 02, 2014I’m a Royal, so why do I have a Sadly Never After?
September 02, 2014It really ruffles my feathers when other Royals in this school get everything handed to them on a silver platter.
September 02, 2014My roomie Lizzie Hearts is a great friend, but she’s fairy loud. Why must she always be yelling OFF WITH THIS or OFF WITH THAT?
September 02, 2014I may be a graceful, elegant princess, but I’m also a top student who is fairy hocus focused on her studies.
September 02, 2014Meeting my best friend forever after Faybelle Thorn to go shopping in the Village of Book End.
September 02, 2014Listening to classical ballet muse-ic helps keep my feathers from flying.
September 02, 2014Apple White hasn’t sealed her destiny with Daring Charming yet, so there’s still a chance for me to make him a part of my Happily Ever After.
September 02, 2014Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Watch out; it’s gonna be a black swan kinda day.
September 02, 2014Working on being humble, modest and vulnerable, like a white swan should. It’s a lot harder than you might think!


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