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Poppy O'Hair
Daughter of Rapunzel

Alliance: Rebel
Parent’s Story: Rapunzel
Powerful Qualities: Stylish - Original - Progressive
Roommate: Holly O'Hair
Pet: Barber?, a monkey
Dragon: Brushfire
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: I want to find my Once Upon a Time at Ever After High. That being said, I’ll never stop styling hair.
My “Magic” Touch: Being a daughter of Rapunzel, my hair is extremely valuable. In fact, I trim it every morning and put it into my savings account!
Storybook Romance Status: Believe it or not, I think Sparrow Hood is cute. He’d be a lot cuter if he’d stop singing about how great he thinks he is.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: My sister says I’m always looking for short cuts. I just don’t see the point of going the long way around the tower.
Favorite Subject: Princess Design. From hair and makeup to fashion and style, I love making spellbinding princesses look edgy and modern.
Least Favorite Subject: Princessology. Just because I’m the daughter of fairytale royalty doesn’t mean I want to be all prim and proper.
Best Friends Forever After: Holly O’Hair and Ashlynn Ella

Birthday: June 19
Star Sign: Gemini
Favorite Food: Chicken wings are a cut above everything else!
Quote: I’m a fairytale without a story, but I’m ready to write my own Once Upon a Time.
Tagline: Thinking Outside the Tower

DateMirror Blog post
May 27, 2014Super hexcited to be going to Ever After High with my twin sister Holly. Now I can discover my own Happily Ever After.
May 27, 2014Because I’m the only student at Ever After High who doesn’t have a prewritten destiny, I got to choose my own class schedule.
May 27, 2014Holly isn’t just my sister, she’s my best friend forever after.
May 27, 2014Busy day at the Tower Hair Salon. Styled the Royal ‘dos of Apple White, Holly O’Hair and Blondie Lockes.
May 27, 2014Meeting Ashlynn Ella after we get off work tonight for a hocus latte.
May 27, 2014I may come from Royal roots, but that doesn’t mean I’m your everyday prim and proper princess.
May 27, 2014It’s wicked important to take hexcellent care of your hair, so I eat lots of salmon to keep my hair spelltacularly healthy.
May 27, 2014I love, love, LOVE scarves.
May 27, 2014Give me a pair of scissors and combs, and I can create a masterpiece.
May 27, 2014Rocking out to some wicked awesome punk classics while I tidy up our dorm room.


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