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Ashlynn Ella
Daughter of Cinderella

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: Cinderella
Powerful Qualities: Nature-Loving - Free-Spirited - Helpful
Roommate: Briar Beauty
Pet: Sandella, a phoenix
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: Naturally, to find true love. My glass slipper can’t be picked up by just anyone. I don’t care if he’s royalty, just as long as he’s my soul mate.
My “Magic” Touch: Well, all fairytale princesses can call animals, but I can actually talk with them. Plants, too! Fairies, pixies, you name it. You could say I’m connected to nature.
Storybook Romance Status: Hunter Huntsman. He’s my knight in shining armor. But I have to keep it a secret, okay? Since I’m a princess and he’s not a prince, we could get in serious trouble.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: If I’m ever late for class, my hexquisitely clean dress bursts into filthy old rags. I know it’s part of my story, but what a fairy-fail!
Favorite Subject: Environmental Magic. It's my royal responsibility to take care of the world around me.
Least Favorite Subject: Princessology. I know my legacy is important, but going to class to learn to “behave royally?” What-ever-after!
Best Friends Forever After: Lots of people are my friends… Apple White, Raven Queen… but Hunter Huntsman is the only one who really understands me.

Birthday: October 15
Star Sign: Libra
Favorite Food: I'm a vegan, so whatever nature provides!
Quote: I was never thrilled about being swept away by some random "Prince Charming". True love should happen naturally.
Tagline: A Natural Beauty

DateMirror Blog post
October 29, 2013I’m heading to the Enchanted Forest to have a chat with my adorable woodland creature friends.
October 29, 2013Environmental Magic class was, well, magically today. It’s spellbinding to learn about the world we live in!
October 29, 2013I love the scent of Charm Blossom flowers. They remind me of someone special.
October 29, 2013Even though I have a Happily Ever After, my mom taught me to imagine life as if the shoe was on the other foot.
October 29, 2013Got to lunch early today. I really hate being even a minute too late.
October 29, 2013I know my destiny says I’m supposed to marry my Prince Charming, but what if I want to flip that sсript?
October 29, 2013My roomie Briar Beauty is sleeping again…and it’s 3 in the afternoon.
October 29, 2013Dreaming of strappy slippers with a small wedge heel. Must order some for The Glass Slipper!
November 14, 2013The Royal Feast in the Castleteria has so many vegan options.
November 14, 2013Planning an Enchanted Forest Clean Up day. We have to be royally responsible for the enchanting world we live in.
January 29, 2014I’m giving my true heart to someone who makes me feel fairy special!
January 29, 2014Oh my Grimm! Why does dating have to be so complicated?
March 25, 2014I know it was a bombspell, but I’m hextatic that everyone finally knows the truth!


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