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Apple White
Daughter of Snow White

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Powerful Qualities: Inspriring - Hard Working - Dedicated
Roommate: Raven Queen
Pet: Gala, a snow fox
Dragon: Braebyrn
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: I want people to know me as the fairest one of all on the inside as well as the outside. Like my mom always says, “My beauty’s not just skin deep.”
My “Magic” Touch: Whenever I bat my eyes or sing a song, boys and animals can’t help but come to my rescue. What can I say? I want to bring out the hero in everyone.
Storybook Romance Status: Everyone at school thinks Prince Daring Charming and I are dating. Just because my story ends with us getting married doesn’t mean we’re an item, okay?
“Oh Curses!” Moment: I REALLY can’t resist apples. I royally lose control when I see one. Yummy!
Favorite Subject: Kingdom Management. Everyone is counting on me to be the best queen ever!
Least Favorite Subject: Cooking Class-ic! I swear someone keeps trying to slip poison into my food.
Best Friends Forever After: Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes

Birthday: May 13
Star Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food: Anything with apples!
Quote: There’s a lot of pressure when you’re next in line to be the fairest of them all.
Tagline: The Most Fabulous One Of All

DateMirror Blog post
May 30, 2013Spellbinding morning - the perfect day for starting a charmed new school year. Consulted my magic mirror, and I’m still the fairest of them all, natch.
June 20, 2013Went shopping in the Village of Book End for enchanting dorm room décor. Got Raven a few villainous accessories for her side of the room. What do you think?
June 20, 2013Book-to-School Sale at the Glass Slipper Shoe Store. Must get some fableous shoes for the new school year. Ashlynn has the best store displays!
June 20, 2013Hexcellent first day of school. Everyone was super excited to see me.
September 04, 2013Meeting Daring Charming for a Hocus Latte. No, we are not dating—plenty of time for that later in my story.
September 04, 2013Class-ic schedule: Kingdom Management, Crownculus, Grimmnastics, Princessology and Cooking Class-ic.
October 08, 2013Good grades don’t just magically happen. Need to hocus focus and show everyone that Royals rule!
November 14, 2013Super excited for Legacy Day to arrive. Getting that much closer to my Happily Ever After.
November 14, 2013Raven is totally throning me for a loop. She keeps talking about not wanting to be the Evil Queen. But that’s her destiny!
November 14, 2013Got an A on my first Kingdom Management test. I’m ready to rule!
January 29, 2014Fairy hexcited to spellebrate True Hearts Day. It’s an enchanting holiday that hasn’t been spellebrated in forever after!
January 29, 2014I know my Prince Charming will offer me his true heart one day.
March 25, 2014Totally charmed by my dream last night when Raven Queen decided to sign the Storybook of Legends. Hoping my dream comes true.


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