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Alistair Wonderland
Son of Alice

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Powerful Qualities: - -
Roommate: ???
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: I want to explore the entire fairytale world, Wonderland and beyond!
My “Magic” Touch: With just a little observation, I can solve any puzzle and unravel any riddle.
Storybook Romance Status: I have a crush on Bunny Blanc, but I think she only sees me as a friend.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: My curiosity can get the best of me.
Favorite Subject: Geografairy. I learn how the world is mapped out, and also which areas have yet to be discovered.
Least Favorite Subject: Cooking Class-ic. How do I know that when I eat something it won’t make me shrink or grow?
Best Friends Forever After: All of my Wonderland friends, from Madeline Hatter to Bunny Blanc.

Birthday: May 12
Star Sign: Taurus
Favorite Food:


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