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Dexter Charming
Son of King Charming

Alliance: Royal
Parent’s Story: Every fairytale where a Prince Charming comes to the rescue.
Powerful Qualities: - -
Roommate: Hunter Huntsman
Pet: Mr. Cottonhorn, a jackalope
About Me:
Secret Heart’s Desire: I don’t want to be just anyone’s Prince Charming. She should be my true love. That’s my ideas of Happily Ever After.
My “Magic” Touch: For some reason, girls swoon when I take off my glasses.
Storybook Romance Status: I’m trying to summon the courage to ask out Raven Queen.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: I have a hard time seeing without my glasses. I’ve been told they block my “enchanting eyes,” whatever that means.
Favorite Subject: Hero Training. I may not be the king of the class, but I love a good challenge.
Least Favorite Subject: Advanced Wooing. Unlike my brother, I always trip over my words when I try to charm girls.
Best Friends Forever After: My brother Daring Charming and my roommate Hunter Huntsman

Birthday: February 11
Star Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Food: I don’t need anything fancy—burger and fries sound good.
Quote: “As the second son of King Charming, there’s a lot of hexpectations. My brother and I have to live up to our family traditions.”
Tagline: Charmed at First Sight

DateMirror Blog post
January 29, 2014Hexcited about how well Hero Training went today. I totally rocked the prince to the rescue gig.
January 29, 2014Charm may be a family tradition, but sometimes I think my older brother Daring Charming got all of it.
January 29, 2014If my destiny—like everyone in my family—is to rescue a damsel in distress, then why am I crushing on someone who doesn’t seem like she needs rescuing?
January 29, 2014Just got a fairy funny hext from my little sister Darling Charming. I miss her!
January 29, 2014Gonna meet C.A. Cupid for a hocus latte. She’s a wicked awesome friend.
January 29, 2014I’m working up the courage to tell my spellbinding crush how I feel on True Hearts Day.
January 29, 2014Studying for Science & Sorcery test with my roommate Hunter Huntsman.
January 29, 2014Took my glasses off to clean them in the Castleteria today and two princesses came over to sit with me. Weird, huh?
January 29, 2014Total fairy-fail in Advanced Wooing class today. I got tongue-tied. Must work on my charm.
January 29, 2014Hunter Huntsman got all up in my crown today about being a Royal. Something must be going on with him and Ashlynn Ella.


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